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These rules on the security of personal data show and determine the means by which your personal information is collected, used and/or transferred, whether by visiting or making purchases in the Web sites of SIA FILABOXES (hereinafter, "Shop")

Data controller:
SIA "FILABOXES", unified registration Number: 40203118192
Registered Address: Latvia / Riga rajons / Babītes Nov. / Piņķi / Centra iela 2-32
Phone. Number: (+ 371) 22110841

Data processor in The European Union:
Shopify International Limited, Attn: Data Protection Officer, c/O Intertrust Ireland, 2nd Floor 1-2 Victoria Buildings, Haddington Road, Dublin 4, D04 XN32, Ireland (Ireland);
Data processor outside The European Union:
Shopify inc., Attn: Chief Privacy Officer, 150 Elgin St., 8th Fl, Ottawa, ON K2P 1L4, Canada



1.1. By Visiting the " Internet Shop ", the maintenance provider may receive information about your device, including acquiring personal data directly (name, telephone number and email address), information about the Internet browser you are using, IP address, time And some cookies that are installed on your device. In Addition, while you are on the Internet Store, we collect information on the individual pages of the "Internet Shop" or the products you view; Information about the websites or using any search terms and search engines, you have been caught up in the "Internet Store", as well as information about how you interact with the "Internet Store" content. We call this an automatically acquired The "Device Information".

1.1.1. Shop is using "Device information" to identify possible risks or fraud (mainly IP address), but more to improve and optimize your user experience on our "Online Store" (e.g. by collecting analytical information about How visitors behave in the "Online Store", which pages are more visited, less of what leaves you away; As well as to be able to expand the success of the marketing and advertising campaigns organized.

1.2. In Addition, when you make a purchase or a purchase attempt in our Online Store, we collect certain information about you by your name, surname, billing address, delivery address, payment information (bank account), E-mail and a phone number. We Call it "Order Information".

1.2.1. We use "Order information", mainly to fulfill all orders made in the "Internet Store" (including, for the purpose of accepting your payment, ensuring the delivery of goods via the relevant service providers, and to Issuing invoices and/or order receipt confirmations). In Addition, we use this "order Information" to:
* To communicate with customers
* Carry out checks that the transaction (order) carried out is not fraudulent
* To provide you with additional information or advertisements related to our "Internet store" and its products, if it is in accordance with the settings permitted by you and on your part.

          1.3. Personal data of Visitors processed by the Provider shall be subject to the requirements of the data protection law and other laws of the Republic of Latvia governing the processing and protection of personal data. When Processing and storing the personal data of Visitors, the Operator shall use organizational and technical means to ensure the protection of personal data from accidental or unlawful disclosure, alteration, and any other unlawful processing.

          1.4. When Purchasing goods and services offered by and using other services, the Visitor agrees and authorises the Operator to register, enter, store, systematize, use and otherwise process the Visitor's Personal data and data that the Visitor will further provide to the Provider, to the extent necessary and for the following purposes:
          * Data processing stems from of Visitors ' orders, contractual obligations or data processing necessary to conclude an appropriate contract (transaction);
          * Data are necessary to identify and record Visitors;
          * Data are required for the sending of commercial communications (only in accordance with the consent given by the Visitor to receive such notifications);
          * Data required to strengthen the Customer loyalty program
          * The Data are necessary to ensure fulfillment of other obligations arising from contractual obligations or from contracts concluded (transactions) respectively.

          1.5. The Operator shall ensure the protection and security of the personal data of the Visitors, their non-distribution to third parties, to the extent required by the data protection law and other laws of the Republic of Latvia governing The processing and protection of personal data, other than the Provider's partners, which ensure the supply of goods and services, to the extent that the personal data are necessary for the performance of the contractual obligation.

          Provider Partners:

          1.5.1. We use Canada-based companies To ensure our "Online Shop" Activities SHOPIFY INC. Services – You can learn more about SHOPIFY Data security rules and how SHOPIFY uses your "Personal information" here:

          1.5.2. We also use GOOGLE IRELAND LIMITED "Google Analytics" Service that helps us better understand how our users use the "Online Store"-You can learn more about how GOOGLE IRELAND LIMITED uses your "Personal information" here: You may be able to recover from the fact that Google Analytics uses your "Personal information", it can be done here:

          1.5.3. We transfer Some of your "Personal information" required to send and deliver your ordered goods to our shipping service providers. SIA OMNIVA – More here: Omniva and AS LATVIAN POST-More here: Latvijas Pasts Without Such transfers to these service providers, the execution of your orders would be impossible or seriously difficult.

          1.5.4. Your payment details for orders made in the "Online Store" are processed by the Macsekeskus AS or AS CITADELE (Latvia) and PayPal. The Privacy Policy of AS Maksekeskus can be found here: Maksekeskus, you can find information on the personal data protection rules of the CITADELE here: Citadele. Privacy Policy of PayPal can be found here: PayPal.

          1.5.5. The SHOPIFY platform allows its merchants to connect (lock) their internet stores with various third-party applications that are designed to change or offer new functional solutions to the daily management and operation of such internet shops. Unless specifically stated that such an application is own SHOPIFY developed, then SHOPIFY assumes no responsibility for and is not able to influence, the operation of these applications. The need for installation and operation of These applications is fully determined and managed by the Merchant – SIA FILABOXES, and is responsible for ensuring that all such apps operate in compliance with the applicable privacy and data protection laws.

          1.5.6. And in the cases provided by law, we may transfer your Personal information to public third parties in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations at the time. To respond to a court request, search permits and requests, or other legitimate requests for information from duly authorized authorities to protect our rights.

          1.5.7. For Marketing purposes, we use Remarketing or targeted Advertising, which is provided to us by a US-based company FACEBOOK inc. With the help of its Facebook Pixel, according to the types and capabilities of the advertising offered by FACEBOOK Inc. You can learn more in detail about how FACEBOOK INC. Uses your "Personal information" here: Similarly, in time, we plan to use Remarketing or targeted Advertising with the tools of the US company GOOGLE Inc.

          1.5.8. You may opt out of Facebook or Google remarketing or target advertising (Remarketing or targeted Advertising) by visiting the following websites:

          1.6. The Operator shall take all possible security measures (including administrative and technical) to protect the Visitors ' personal data. Access to the data processing and alteration functions is limited to the responsible persons designated by the maintenance provider.

          1.7. The Visitor has the right of access to his/her personal data by sending the Provider an appropriate request to provide information using the customer service email address: The Visitor has the right to request the following information: (1) The purpose, legal basis and type of processing of personal data (2) The date when the personal data were last amended, data deleted or blocked; (3) The source of the personal data (unless the law prohibits the disclosure of such information); (4) Information on whether personal data are processed in an automated manner.

          1.8. The Visitor shall have the right to request that his or her personal data be supplemented or corrected and that it be processed or destroyed, if the personal data are incomplete, outdated, false, or are no longer necessary for the purpose of the collection. In That context, the Visitor shall inform the maintenance Officer using the customer service email address:

          1.9. The personal data of Visitors will be kept for no longer than is required by the requirements of the regulatory enactments.


          2. COOKIES

          2.1. Our website uses cookies that provide more extensive use of the website and the Online store. To find out more about cookies or how to disable them, please visit the website

          2.2. Cookies are tiny text files which a Web browser (for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari) stores on a Web user's computer, tablet or smartphone. These websites can also store individual settings for a Web user. Cookies usually contain information about the website's name, the storage duration of the device and the unique number. Cookies can be seen as a way for the website to collect information that enables the user to recognize and respond appropriately.

          2.3. There are three main types of cookies:
          * Session cookies are temporary files stored on a user's computer, tablet or smartphone, up to the end of a session, leaving a Web site or closing a Web browser, and are used to offer services that Require verification on a particular website;
          * Persistent cookies are stored on your computer, tablet, or smartphone for the time specified in the cookie parameters or until they are deleted by the user and are used to remember the user's chosen settings and a personalized interface;
          * Third party cookies allow you to obtain information about how websites are used and to provide users with advertising content that optimally adapts the interests of particular users.

          2.4. The cookie-related information is not used to personally identify the user (Visitors). Cookies are used for the following purposes:
          * Shop Customization for users (Visitors),
          * To optimize the use of the shop,
          * For the purposes of advertising and marketing, based on an interest in particular benefits,
          * Statistics on the number of shop visitors.

          2.5. Cookies are not indispensable to enable a website to work, but cookies provide more extensive use of the website. may not use cookies, change browser settings, or delete cookies, but in some cases, restrictions may appear in the while browsing.



          3.1. Commercial communication means any communication in an electronic form intended to promote direct or indirect advertising of goods or services or to promote the image of a trader, organization or person engaged in business activity, economic activity or regulated professional activity. Information enabling direct access to general information on the provider and its activities (domain name or electronic mail address) shall not be considered As commercial communication.

          3.2. To provide information on services, promotions, and other activities, the Provider may use the Visitor's personal data (e-mail address).

          3.3. Using shop the Visitor may apply (give his consent) for commercial communication.

          3.4. A Visitor may opt out of receiving commercial communications or prohibit the use of his/her contact information (personal data) for direct marketing purposes by informing the Provider using a customer service email address: Direct sales prohibition applies to one specific person.



          4.1. Consent and Privacy policy changes

          4.1.1. While using our Online shop or by participating in shop activities, the Visitor acknowledges his or her consent to the Privacy policy rules. If The Visitor does not accept this Privacy policy, the Provider asks the Visitor not to submit any personal information

          4.1.2. The Provider reserves the right to unilaterally change and supplement the Privacy policy at any time without notice, by posting changes in the section of the Privacy policy. The Visitor is obliged to review the Privacy policy prior to each visit to, and the Visitor has the option to maintain the Privacy policy on a durable medium or to print it.

          4.2. Jurisdiction

          4.2.1. The Operator retains the right to disclose personal data of the Online store Visitors in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments and in cases where disclosure is necessary to protect the holder's rights and/or subject to legal Acts, summonses, or legal proceedings.

          4.2.2. Web pages and Webshop activities are regulated and this Privacy policy is governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

          4.3. Exchange of Information

          4.3.1. The Provider shall contact the Visitor using the Visitor's e-mail address, postal address or telephone number. The Visitor may use the means of communication listed in the shop section of Contacts.

          Centra iela 2-32
          Riga, LV-2107

          Last correction:
          Riga, 22 June 2019.

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